How pokies differ in different countries

pokies differ in different countriesExcitement is inherent in each person to a different extent, regardless of his nationality and place of residence. And travel opens up a huge world to the land of games. After all, each country has its own laws and they are not allowed everywhere. For example, gambling was legalized in Norway until recently. The devices could be found everywhere: in stores, at gas stations. However, now the law has been tightened, and you can play not everywhere, but only in the designated places. The most popular pokies, which first appear in the head when they are mentioned, appeared in the USA.

Now popularity has come to gaminators – this is a platform that is available in more than eighty countries. They are distinguished by their excitement and gorgeous graphics.

Japanese pokies pachinko (pachinko)

Whoever plunges into the world of Japanese games for the first time, the first thing that pays attention to is pachinko. She’s been on everyone’s lips for several years. The rules of the game are similar to the classic pinball. It got its name from the similarity of the sound that the game emits when the spring is straightened -“pa”,”chin” is the blow of the ball,”ko” – hit the hole. How to play?

  • Purchase balls for the game.
  • The lever adjusts the power of the shot, the more to the right – the stronger.
  • The balls are released by a machine gun onto the field, in which they bounce off obstacles.
  • It is better to keep the direction in the free space between the pins.

The punter receives an item as a prize, which can then be exchanged. This is done only in special points (money withdrawal), since according to the laws of this country, cash prizes are prohibited. This game attracts a lot of people. It allows you to take a break from everyday affairs, it has simple rules and no plot. Pachinko has long been a part of Japanese culture.

Crane machine in Europe

This pokie machine was invented in the USA in the twentieth century. Transparent box containing toys. A crane with a gripper is located on top. After the expiration of the time, it automatically drops over the selected prize and rises back. There are no analogs of the virtual version of this game in Russia. Of course, they have nothing in common with modern machines like Gonzos Quest slot.

“Fruit Machines” in England

This is one of the most popular machines in the world. A fairly simple and striking design that attracts the eye. For control, all the necessary keys are located at the bottom. The game is played on five reels. Before launching, you need to place a bet. When you press start, the game starts. Below is a bonus round in the form of a table with strawberries. The more of these berries appear, the more games the user will receive. As you can see, the rules are very simple, and even more details about the conditions in the different games, bonuses and interface can be found on the website –

Currently, a large number of everyone’s favorite games are available online. Fascinating and colorful designs always attract attention. In the virtual world, it is worth reading the rules of the game and reviews. More information increases your chances of winning.